• Product Overview

    AiWACS is an AI based performance analysis system for server, network IT infrastructure, providing user experience/behavior performance, application performance data and event prediction features are provided for effective IT infrastructure operation.

Product Feature

  • Real-Time Event Dash Board

    Dash board for real time monitoring in Grid formation is provided to monitor the whole system or specific filtered area of the system.

  • Status by Perspective

    Provide monitoring bash board by perspective feature is provided such as monitoring as whole, business group, device group, device OS, and Service status for effective monitoring.

  • Event alarm, history record, E-Mailing, SMS Feature

    According to input standard of user, E-Mail and SMS sending feature for notification is available. Also event logging and management feature is provided.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Provides detailed information of all equipment, and sort out the current status of specific equipment based on the priority of equipment with various sorts such as usage, failure status and etc.

  • Detailed Real-Time Monitoring

    Provide equipment description, availability, service, network interface, CPU / MEM / Disk trend, process detailed information, and fault history management view through detailed monitoring inquiry screen for specific equipment

  • Device Sensor Monitoring

    Device sensor monitoring such as hardware power supply, fan, temperature status monitoring is provided

  • Process Detailed Monitoring

    Possible to monitor the entire process, CPU, memory, and I/O for the target equipment to view the process details, and compare the process details by specifying a comparison target.

  • Network SNMPv3 Collection

    Advanced monitoring feature is provided supported by network device monitoring SNMPv3

  • Windows Event Alarm Feature

    Provide alarm function for events that are generated by Windows Server

  • Server Agent and Network SNMP based data collection

    Secure SSL communication agent, providing Cloud-acquired collection data proxy path, C / C ++-based high-performance collection server, memory DB for real-time data service, web-based GUI

  • Provide Proxy and Direct data formation

    When collecting data with Cloud and IDC, if the external firewall policy of the customer only allows a single session / IP and the number of collection nodes is large