NetApp Hybrid Storage

  • 제품 개요

    The best solution for SAN and NAS integrated environments that require various data management and easy cloud connection. Ideal for enterprise environments, virtualization, Microsoft solutions, backup and recovery.

    • Integrated workload
    • Unified architecture
    • Scale-UP/Scale-Out


  • Logical point-in-time backup through snapshot

    Perfect protection against logical data failures with no performance degradation

    • NetApp's Snapshot is designed with a full-volume point-in-time image architecture to provide logical point-in-time backup with no performance penalty
    • In the case of other companies, if the original data starts to change after running the snapshot, the performance of the original volume deteriorates

  • Scale-Up & Scale-Out Expansion

    • Scale out expansion support through a mix of FAS and AFF
    • Non-disruptive expansion and hardware and software upgrade support
    • Software-defined, compatible with cloud, next-generation flash

  • Unified storage

    Unified storage that can simultaneously configure SAN and NAS without additional equipment

    • Multi protocol support in a single controller support